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What if you could, finally, put your creative practice first without having to give up the things in life you love?

What if there was a way to get clear about your creative goals, work out a plan and secure funding to support your creative career… that was also easy, supportive and fun?

As artists and creatives with loads of ideas and life things happening, it’s easy for our artistic practice to get pushed to the bottom of the pile.

I’m Manda Graham, and I want to let you know that if you are ready to put your creativity first, there are lots of ways you can make it happen.


It’s time to make space to create!


Woman facing the camera and leaning against a desk

I do funding and business support differently!


Do any of these sound familiar?

“It’s time for me to step up and be a ‘proper’ artist.”

“I want to focus and find the time and space bring my ideas to life.”

“I’m feeling a bit stuck and want to work out what’s getting in my way.”

“I spend all of my time working on other people’s projects.” 

“I’m frazzled, working ridiculous hours and still can’t make ends meet.”

I get it, I’ve been there!

I have been supporting artists and delivering my own creative projects for over 20 years. So, I’ve become an unofficial expert on setting up and running sustainable creative businesses. 

With the right support, it’s 100% possible to focus and take the next step in your creative career without giving up the stuff that matters.

Read about some of my projects and past clients here.

Here’s how I can help you

Fund Your Project

You’ll have expert support from me to write YOUR BEST application to help you secure funding to take the next step on your creative journey!

Business Coaching for Creatives

I’ll help you to focus, create a personalised plan and toolkit to get past whatever is stopping you and get your business (and life) on track.

  Do you work for an arts or educational organisation?
I offer bespoke creative consultancy,
mentoring a
nd facilitation.

Lady with brown hair and a scarf

“Thanks, today was great and I have to say this is really powerful stuff! You’re a fab coach/mentor and I will definitely be recommending you to people.”

Emily Wilkinson

Artist and Poet
Lady looking at herself in a mirror

“Working with Manda has provided me with the confidence to plan and commit to being an artist. I feel that this work has really shown me where I want to focus and lay the importance…now it’s just a case of walking through that door!”

Ellen Angus

Mixed Media and Performance Artist
Man with beard

“Manda’s help was vital to my successful Arts Council funding application, she helped me navigate the complexities of the funding process, kept me encouraged and helped me find solutions when I ran into problems.”

Paul Ligas

Artist and Photographer
Woman facing the camera and leaning against a desk

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If you’re interested in working with me, I’d love to hear from you.

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